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We are a family-owned operated motorcycle store, rental & tours, service & repairs, wash & details and general exports, conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale. Searom Corp can provide you with the latest and best in powersports products to make your outdoor living more enjoyable.


Our Services

Let our dedicated service team take care of your needs with the utmost professionalism and keep in mind that we can provide you parts and accessories with extremely competitive priced, considering we work with the motorcycle industry’s top suppliers.

Oil and filter change

Tire mount and balance

Complete tune service

Detailing and Ceramic Coating

What Our Customers Say


High Quality Parts from the Best Brands

We work with the motorcycle industry’s top suppliers including Parts Unlimited, Tucker Powersports, Western Power Sports, Touratech, Twisted Throttle, World of Powersports Inc, Sullivans Inc, Helmet House, V-Twin/Tedd Cycle Inc., and more.

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This establishment and the people inside it are amazing. They are so knowledgeable in what they do that allow them always to go above and beyond to providing the best service, support and information for the customers in a timely manner with great quality and reliably. I definitely recommend them, especially if you need renting a motorcycle or are looking for a logistics service and/or import from the USA. They are a naturally responsible people, thorough, dedicated, professional and quite personable which makes them the best in their industry.

Javier Perez


I don't care if you guys were at the end of the world, I would take a plane, train car, and ride my motorcycle to get to you. The service provided is the best I have ever had. The technician is kind helpful and made sure I could get what I needed. Simply straight forward and no tricks. I highly recommend them.

Lucy Fuller


The detailing is the best in Fort Lauderdale area. This place is worth the 45 miles drive or riding. There are other detailing options closer to me but the employees ruin the experience. Joao Costa is the total opposite. I've never felt more appreciated as a customer then I do at Searom Corp. I've had my motorcycle & car detailed here and both jobs have been high quality and extremely good.

TJ Green

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